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At Kamp Kaboom, we are committed to creating an atmosphere that inspires a lifelong love of learning and helps each camper to reach his or her fullest potential. Instruction covers concepts and skills that your child learned throughout the school year together with an introduction to new concepts and skills that they will learn during the upcoming school year. Campers will develop or strengthen strategies to enhance comprehension skills in all subject areas through project based learning, hands-on activities, trips, and games.

Our mission is to foster a safe, nurturing, and recreational environment for children grades K thru 6th grades. Our recreational organization is committed to engaging children with hands-on activities to help them think critically, work as a team, and develop a positive mental attitude. We believe that these learning opportunities are vital to child growth, as they become positive and productive leaders.

“Assisting children to build their character and become positive, creative, and independent thinkers.”

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